The Urban Dare challenge is to be the first team to cross the finish line after successfully completing checkpoint dares and getting required photos.

Urban Dare is the team race that’s part photo hunt, part trivia and part dares. Teams of 2 must solve clues to find checkpoints throughout the city. To move on they must take photos or perform dares to earn passport stamps. Each team must determine their own route to the checkpoints. Most teams will cover about 5 to 7 miles and finish in 3 or 4 hours.

Use of wireless devices (cell, texting, gps, blackberry) is highly encouraged. Teams may call friends for help solving clues (friends with access to the internet can be very useful). All teams should set off with mobile phone and digital camera capability.

Teams may run, walk, or use public transportation (subway or bus) to travel to checkpoints. No other forms of travel are allowed (no cars, taxis, bikes, etc).

Dares are mental or physical challenges such as climbing a wall, shooting a few baskets, solving a riddle, or eating something (no slimy bugs like on Fear Factor). You may choose not to accept a dare and take a penalty before continuing to the next checkpoint. Teams must get their passport stamped for successful completion of dares.

You need to bring a digital camera. At the end of the race you must be able to show you took the required photos to complete your passport. The perfect tool for this race is a phone with built in camera, internet and gps. Any digital camera where you can show your pictures will do. If you don’t have one, you certainly know someone who does.

Each entrant must wear their Urban Dare t-shirt during the race, unless they are in team uniform.

You must compete as part of a two-person team.

Competing safely is our number one concern. There is no set course and there will be no blocked off streets for you to race through. Please obey all traffic laws. Racers may not interfere with other teams or block their progress.

Racers must show id and sign a release on race day.

All rulings of the Race Official will be final.

Rules FAQs?