25 Types of Tents For Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking

Today’s tents come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re new to camping, or just looking to upgrade your existing tent, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which type of tent is best for you. Here is a complete list of 25 types of tents, with a description and the pros and cons of each so you can camp, hike, and backpack with comfort. 1. A-Frame Tents When most people think of a tent, this is what pops into their heads. These are those traditional tents with a triangular [...]

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Tent Buying Guide: How to Choose a Tent in 6 Steps

We understand that with so many different types of tents, buying a tent can be daunting, especially for beginners. So that’s where our tent buying guide comes in. Whether you’re a hesitant beginner or a seasoned camper, these tips and recommendations will have you selecting your next tent like a pro. Let's get started! 6 Steps to Purchasing the Perfect Tent 1. Determine Your Budget Figuring out what you can and are willing to spend on a tent will help keep you from overspending. Budget-friendly tents start at fifty dollars whereas premium tents can [...]

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A Guide to Tent Sizes: What is the Right Size for Me?

Tents come in many shapes and sizes. But don’t worry. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert camper, we can help you find your perfect size. Tent sizes are normally described by the maximum number of people that can sleep inside, otherwise known as its number of 'berths.' Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Assume that you are planning a camping trip with two of your friends. You might think, for 3 individuals a 3-person tent will be ideal. But that’s not always the case. All three of you could sleep in the tent - but [...]

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